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BDNA Technopedia Manufacturer Product EOL/EOS 2017 Report

Do You Have Products Scheduled to EOL and EOS in 2017?

The consequences of End-of-Life (EOL) software and hardware — and products at End-of-Support (EOS) — are too great to ignore. While security breaches due to obsolete technology are headlines in the media, inadequate product support also puts enterprises at risk of:

  • Being out of compliance
  • Increasing the cost of support
  • Reducing performance and productivity
  • Disrupting availability of critical processes

To reduce the risks and costs associated with End-of-Life software and hardware, you first must know whether you have any obsolete software and hardware, and where they reside. But finding the EOL and EOS dates and accurately locating all the instances of obsolete products isn't easy.

BDNA analyzed product manufacturers' 2017 EOL and EOS data using Technopedia®, the industry's most trusted and comprehensive technology asset information source. A summary of results is included in this report. Full reports can be generated using Technopedia.


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