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Eliminate Your Dirty Work


Eliminate Your Dirty Work in IT Asset Management 

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A number of repetitive, manual tasks continue to prevent many organizations from using their IT resources for crucial tasks like innovation and product development that can propel their business forward. 

That was the case at Wesleyan University. The school’s IT department recently embarked on a journey to digitize its hardware and software procurement process by building a catalog of approved assets with the goal of making the IT ordering process easier for its staff. It quickly realized, however, that a number of repetitive, manual tasks were involved in discovering and verifying the device details, finding the correct model number, and recording all the relevant information in a uniform format in a configuration management database (CMDB). These tasks required a significant investment of time and resources. In short, it was time to find a better way. 

Join Karen Warren, Deputy CIO at Wesleyan, in this webinar as she describes how the university was able to eliminate the dirty 
work, while gaining new insights to accelerate its business. 

Watch the webinar now. 


Karen Warren

Karen Warren

Deputy CIO  — Wesleyan University

Karen Warren is in her ninth year at Wesleyan University, where she recently assumed the role of Deputy CIO. She has oversight for the user services, technical services, and academic technology teams. Combined, Karen’s teams provide the foundational support for all other IT operations in the university, develop strategic input regarding systems and infrastructure, and provide support for teaching and learning through the use of technology. 

Karen is currently chair of NERCOMP, the Northeast Regional Computing Program, a consortium of universities throughout the Northeast. Before coming to Wesleyan, Karen spent 15 years at the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Conn., where she was IT Director for 10 of those years. She focused much of her time on the importance of broadband access in K-12 education. 

Walker White , President BDNA

Walker White

President — BDNA

Walker White is president of BDNA. He joined the company in 2002, and originally served as Chief Technology Officer before becoming president in 2014. Prior to BDNA, Walker had a 13-year career at Oracle, working as chief technologist in Oracle Service Industries. He holds a B.S. in computer engineering from the University of California, San Diego.