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Report: Establishing Cybersecurity Intelligence

Identifying Risk and Vulnerability in IT Assets


Any risk, regardless of how well known, poses as a potential security breach. Hardware, software or connected devices that are not regularly maintained could be a gateway for unauthorized access. This is where Cybersecurity Intelligence comes into play. Cybersecurity Intelligence is designed to protect IT assets from attacks.

Ventana Research recently produced the report, “Establishing Cybersecurity Intelligence: Identifying Risk and Vulnerability in IT Assets” which outlines steps to minimize your organization’s risk exposure. Download to learn:

  • A more effective approach to governance, risk management and compliance
  • How to get a complete view of potential risks
  • Why “management by spreadsheet” is ineffective as a risk management tool

The key to Cybersecurity is being proactive. Avoid making that dreaded middle of the night call to your CEO, explaining how a security breach happened on your watch.

Download Establishing Cybersecurity Intelligence: Identifying Risk and Vulnerability in IT Assets today.

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