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Getting Buy-in for Your ITAM Plan

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Navigating and getting buy-in for your IT asset management (ITAM) efforts can be a daunting task. In this webinar, industry expert and IAITAM Fellow Larry Shoup shares how to gain the approval and funding of executive management, while garnering the approval of other departments within the organization, for ITAM success.

Watch today and learn concrete ways to gain buy-in from both audiences, which can often be a difficult and frustrating journey for ITAM professionals.


Larry Shoup

Larry Shoup

IAITAM Expert & Fellow

As founder and CEO of Janus Technologies, Larry was an early pioneer in establishing the IT Asset Management (ITAM) discipline. He is a recognized thought leader in ITAM with numerous publications, speaking engagements at the Gartner ITAM Conference and keynote speeches at several International Association of Information Technology Asset Management (IAITAM) conferences. Larry was inducted into the first class of IAITAM Fellows and is currently a subject matter expert for IAITAM. He holds several certifications: CHAMP, CSAM, CITAM, CITAD, CMAM and CAMP.

Tom Bosch

Tom Bosch

Certified Software Asset Manager, BDNA

Tom is a Certified Software Asset Manager who operates as Director of Sales at BDNA Corporation. He has spent the last 5 years working with dozens of corporations solving ITAM issues. With a diverse 30 year sales, operations and finance management background, Tom has been involved in numerous re-engineering projects where the focal point remains process simplification.