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Federal Cybersecurity


Shift Your Your Federal Agency Cybersecurity Posture From  Reactive to Proactive

Is your federal agency cybersecurity team prepared?

Knowing End-of-Support/End-of-Life data for all your agency’s enterprise network-connected hardware and software assets provides more comprehensive cybersecurity risk awareness. Knowing what IT assets are EOL today, and which will be EOL in the future, empowers federal security teams to get ahead of their risk so they can proactively mitigate them. 

BDNA delivers a proactive cybersecurity posture through comprehensive risk visibility and actionable data.  

This white paper highlights how BDNA’s unrivaled Technopedia® asset information source provides up-to-date market intelligence for a clear, comprehensive, single picture of your agency’s most critical vulnerabilities needing attention.

Be proactive in your cybersecurity posture, not reactive.

Download the white paper today.